Welcome to dr. Krneki's minifig register

Team icabrian dropped first Lego minifigure on April 12, 2012 in Comics Cache, a fine puzzle that we solved on Easter morning a few days earlier. We have long been thinking of a signature item of our own, but we are not as talented as Kompaski with their beautiful stone beetles or Darklugia with their stone faces. So as fans of Lego we got this idea to start dropping minifigures in every cache they fit in to leave our signature (regardless of trading) and put a smile on the face of next finder(s).

We got inspiration from growing popularity of Collectible minifigures series in that time. We inluded one as a part of initial content of every cache that we placed, but that of course was not feasible on a large scale. So we developed other ways. We won't bore you with how we do it, but it involves buying and clever reselling of bulk lots on eBay, that leaves us with large collection of minifigures to give away at minimal cost.

Every minifigure from #900 is recorded in this register. For us to remember and for you to enjoy.